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Joy. What a wonderful name for woman!

How many times can we see ladies who become moms and enjoy motherhood but totally forget about theirselves, their apperance and style. They think that they have an excuse that tey are too busy now and the care nothing but their children. It's not my point of view of the motherhood. Fortunately I have met a wonderful young lady Joy who totally agree with me.

1. Tell me please about yourself.
Hi, My name is Joy and am from Nigeria,am a wife and a mother to my 3yrs old son,i stumbled into the blogging world back when i was in Australia,when i moved to Malaysia i decieded to start my own fashion and style blog.

2. Is it difficult to combine being a mom and to follow the fashion and find your own style?
Kind of,i have always loved dressing up,so after having my son,it was easier for me to combine being a Mom and taking care of my self as a woman and a wife.


3. Has the motherhood influenced on your style and fashion preferences?
Not at all

4. What do you feel about girls who had become moms amd forget about themselves, their appearances thinking that they are too busy for it now?
Everybody have different ways of bringing up a child,i know few people that dedicate their whole time and life for their kids forgetting how they look, but to be honest with you being a mother is not an excuse to let loose and neglect taking care of your self,it doesn't mean you love your kids less.


5. Since you've become a mother the level of responsibility is higher. Does it mean that there is something you can't wear now? (too short skirts, dresses, tops and blouses with deep cleavage)? And waht trend do you like now?
I don't have a particular preference for cloths,i wear what i like and feel comfortable in, that is the most important thing for me comfort comes first:)  the trends am loving right now are Prints,Pastels and Neon colors am obsessed with them.

6. How can you describe your style now, when you are the mother of a little child?
My style is a mix of everything,i like to be versatile,chic and feminine,my looks are simple and classy,so you can easily relate to my style.


7. Was it difficult to chose clothes while you were pregnant and if it was a problem how did you solve it?
Honestly for me it was very easy, yes your body expand and all but there are so many stores that carry cloths for pregnant women,also dresses are a girl best friend when pregnant,you can move around freely,no offense but i always try the plus size section in the stores you will find what to wear there aswell.

8. What did you prefer to wear during your pregnancy?
Dresses,i was addicted to cute dresses.


9. How do you think what are the biggest problems in fashion for women who are pregnant?
Finding cloths that fit their expanding body is a big issue for a lot of women,and shoes too cause your feets grow:)i heard a lot of complain back then in the hospital.

10. Can you give some advice for those who can't choose clothes for themselves while they are waiting a baby?
My advise to them from my experience is buy dresses,that is the only garment that you breath freely in,even maternity jeans is not as comfortable as a dress.


11. What recommendations in your oppinion you can give to women who recently became moms and don't know how they should look and should they changesomething in their wardrobe or not?
After giving birth,ditch the maternity cloths,clear out your closet,Buy Magazings,watch style networks,get inspiration from Celebrities or your style icon.

12. What are the most important fashion tips for mothers?
We all have different body type,Find what works for your body, Wear what your comfortable in,try not to over do it.

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