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VOGUE (France). October 2012

Like this cover! Maybe because I'm obsessed with Kate?

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PFW. SS 2013. Balmain. Three words - I AM OBSESSED!

I know it's the season of the fashion weeks now. There are so many interesting collections that designers show the world. During this time I don't publish the photos fron fashion weeks because you can see them everywhere and it's not a problem. BUT I want to share with you the photos that just make me obsessed. It's a Balmain's collection SS 2013. I just can't take my eyes of it! It's all so amazing. The whole collection remind me about 80's with all these shoulders, crop tops and siuts.
What do you think about it? And what your favourite collection among all these fashion weeks?

среда, 26 сентября 2012 г.

Interview with the fashion consultant from RENEESADVICE.COM

     If we can't manage with some work, what will we do? Of course we ask a specialist to help us. It relate to every sphere of our life and fashion is not an exception. So if you don't know how to dress according to your body or don't know what style to choose or to choose an outfit for some occasion, stylist and fashion consultants are ready to help. I had an opportunity to chat with Renee - a girl who helps others to find their own style and don't make mistakes choosing the clothes!

     1. First of all please tell me a little about yourself.
     I was born and brought up in Paris, I moved to the US around ten years ago and it’s here that I started working as a fashion consultant so you can say that I’m a Parisian chick with apenchant for American comfort clothes such as jeans.

2. How did the idea of Renees Advice appear?
Good fashion consultants charge anything upwards of $250 per hour which frankly speaking not many people can afford to dish out. So for everyone else, I decided to set up http://reneesadvice.com where I give free fashion consultation and advice.

3. Where did you get your education?
I have a Fashion Design Degree from IFA Paris. My studies nurtured me completely with great    fashion sense and appreciation of style & beauty.

     4.What influenced you to choose this job?
     I have to blame it on movies. J I think I saw too many Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn films like “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”, “Funny Face”, “Belle De Jour”, “Some Like It Hot”, “The Philadelphia Story” while growing up and their impeccable sense of style got me infatuated to fashion design.

      5.  What attitude do your friends have to your job?
    I’m really lucky to have great friends who are very supportive and encouraging; in fact, they played a major part in convincing me to start my website and my blog because they knew how much I enjoy helping people dress up.
     6.      Who are your favorite fashion consultants and stylists among the world famous?
     Patricia Fields (Sex and the City fame), Petra Flannery and, of course, Rachel Zoe.

    7. Who are your style icons of all time?
     Apart from the ones mentioned above, I’m inspired by Cleopatra, James Bond, Jackie Kennedy, Francoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot.
     8. What modern celebrities in your opinion are the most stylish?
     Sarah Jessica Parker, Johnny Depp and from the younger lot, Marion Cotillard.

      9.      Who asks you for advice more often: girls or boys?
     Oh girls, definitely! 

    10.What are the most popular questions that women ask you?
       ·        How do I get that look (of XYZ celebrity)?”
      ·        What are the 10 wardrobe MUST HAVEs?
      ·        What dresses/material/colors can make me look slim?”
      ·        How do I mix and match stuff?”
      ·        What’s the most IN color this season?”

    11. What are the most important fashion tips for every woman that you can give?

   Never leave home without heels or mascara! On a more serious note, don’t follow fashion; as a stylist, I keep on insisting that every woman find her own style, and make a sort of uniform based on that and then play around a bit

    12. How do you work? Do you find your clients or people find you and say that they need fashion advice, consultations etc?
     I’m fairly active on social media, especially Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and that coupled with word of mouth is where I get most of my clients from.

    13. What are the most typical fashion mistakes nowadays?
     The biggest of course, is not dressing according to your body type, but other pet peeves include wearing dresses that are a size too small, displaying too much flesh, hair with untouched roots and wearing too much blush.

     14. Who is your favorite fashion couple among celebrities?
     You can’t beat William and Kate.

     15. How to find your own style?
    Well, the first step, as Socrates said is to “Know thyself!” That means you need to understand your body type and your skin tone. The second is to see what kinds of stuff you respond to most, what styles attract you and what type of clothes can you carry off most comfortably. Make mood boards, rip off pictures from magazines and collect swatches. If you go through this process, your wardrobe will have a more cohesive look to it than it would otherwise. Third, always play from your strengths. Since we’re not all models, try to make sure that whatever style you adopt allows you to flaunt your best features and hide the not so awesome ones.

   16. What can you say to people who can't afford an advice of fashion consultant?
     Visit my site, http://reneesadvice.com, I’m offering FREE fashion consultation there.
    17.  How do you plan to develop your job in future?
    I’m not big on planning for the future, I’m happy with where I am right now and the general direction I’m going in, and am open to new ideas and opportunities. Having said that, I feel since I enjoy one on one consultations so much, I’d like to keep my business limited so that I can focus more on the creative side and have to deal less with the logistics of it, and I feel putting my business online has really helped me out in this regard. 

    18. To your mind who from the fashion industry changed it so hard that its investment will live forever?
    There’s a whole course that we study in art school about this, but if I limit myself to the last few decades only then Coco Chanel and, of course people from the 60’s and 70’s who made denim fashionable are the first ones who pop into my mind.

I hope you enjoed the interview! Don't forget to visit Renee's website HERE or her FACEBOOK PAGE. This girl will help you and you will be happy with the result! Who else is going to help you FOR FREE? Don't waste your time!
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Three inspiring looks!

When I sae these photos in the Internet I understand that MUST save them on computer because I adore everything here: look what gorgeous hairstyles here (on every photo) and what amazing makeup!!! I just can't take my eyes of photo number three! I think that clothes here also gorgeous but unfortunately we can't see the complete look.
What are you thinking about it? Which photo is your the most favourite and why?