пятница, 13 июля 2012 г.

NEW TREND - The Star Stiletto Jeans by Current/Elliott

A new fashion trend that is loved by celebrities. It's The Star Stiletto Jeans by Current/Elliott. These jeans look great with diferent styles and it's easy to mix different clothes with them. These jeans have been already rocked by Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, Dakota Fanning and Chloe Kardashian. 

Ithink these jeans look great but they are actually good enough on a skinny type of body because on some celebrities such print has made legs shortter and fatter. 
What do you think about these jeans? Do you want them? Who styled these jeans better?



четверг, 12 июля 2012 г.

Floral printed dresses are forever!

I think floral dresses are sooo girly! I adore them! What can you say?
Floral printed dresses are forever!

среда, 11 июля 2012 г.

I am in trend, baby!

I'm in trend, baby!

Maison Martin Margielа Haute Couture F/W 2012/2013

вторник, 10 июля 2012 г.

Interview with Adam

It's so easy to find today a girl fashion blogger. Almost every girl wants to shear with the world with her outfits. The level of style each of them is very individual. As a result there are amazing fashionistas who can inspire others. All in all we can also find those who actually doesn/t have any interesting in their style but at the end it's a choice of every girl to show or not what she prefers to wear.

At the same time boys also have fashion blogs. As I see the number of these blogs is lower. I have an opportunity to chat with nice guy Adam who loves fashion even more than some girls.

1. Tell me please about yourself in a few words.
Fashionista and Stylist. Perfectionist. Ambitious. Optimist. Brutally honest. It's all me.

2. How did you decide to blog? Who or what was the influence?
The inspiration for blogging was an article about Tavi Gevinson that I read Elle magazine in 2009. Then I started my first blog All about shoes. BMagazyn was created in 2012 after a visit in the Polish TV station TVN.
Where I was invited to fight for the best styling of January.

3. How does your friend guys react when they know about your blog and doesn'rt it make girls to be nervous because the boy who adore fashion even more than some girls can be dangerous?
The reactions were positive. Nobody said it was a bad idea. When it comes to girls, no one thinks I am annoying person. I say more, my friend also runs the fashion blog. Together we make joint sessions, and advise each other. 

4. Are you planning to be the next Bryanboy? Or you have another plans?
I do not know if this can be planned. It would be nice. In the end I want to work in fashion.

5. Who are your male fashion icons of our time amd those whose style has become classical?
Justin Timberlake,Marc Jacobs and David Beckham.

6. A lot of girls don't know how they should choose clothes in order to be liked and noticed by the guys. What do you pay attention as a young man when you see a girl? Does the clothes snd the trend matters?
First of all, pay attention to what she says, dress is a secondary matter.
Although more likely to attract me better dressed person sees them as more interesting.

7. What male and female celebrities has the greatest taste and style?
Cheryl Cole,Adam Levine,Doda( polish singer ),Lady Gaga,Anja Rubik and Emma Watson.

8. What male and female celebrities has the worst taste and style?
Russell Brand,Pitbull,Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha

9. Where do get your inspiration? Girls just watch TV shows, series, look through fashion magazines and everyone understand it. But when men become so attentive in fashion questions some people don't understand it
Usually out of my head. I often look through blogs, lookbooks and sessions in Vogue, or Ellle. Most are inspired by the street and on the catwalk.

10. What are your favourite current and all-time fashion trend?
 I think this trend is ombre. It is fantastic. I love it

11. What is the difference between a man who doesn't pay too much attention to fashion between male-fashionistas?
One is better dressed, the other worse. I'm kidding of course. It seems to me that after a person dresses, we can infer a great deal of his character. Fashion is not just the clothes

12. How do you think what are the most important fashion tips for the men?
It seems to me that there is a one hint.First we must take care of yourself, because the look is our business card. Let's face it people judge the appearance and it will not change.

13. Do you have many friends (the men) who are also adore fashion andpay a lot of attention to their style?
Not really, there are several bloggers. When it comes to friends it did not.
In Poland, there are few well-dressed men, for majority of the population fashion is silly. A well-dressed guy is like Frankenstain.

14. Tell me please TOP-5 clothes from your wardrobe and TOP-5 your accesories.
There's a lot more, but unfortunately all descended from Polish designers.

15. What can you advice to the young guys and men who don't know how to find their own style?
Start to re-skill. Fashion is no reason for shame