понедельник, 31 декабря 2012 г.

Holiday Movies!!!

It's a New Year's Eve today. It's a holiday which the whole planet celebrate in one day! I know some of you had already celebrated Christmas just a week ago. In my country this holiday is celebrated on 6-7-th January. But I can say that the holiday spirit in my mind and soul lives since November actually! So I can say that Christmas and New Year mood live in my house for a long time! Hope that you are the same and undertsand me :) I also want to share with you some of my favourite movies that I like to see every winter and actually during the whole year too! I am sure that you've already seen them and for many-many times! But if not...have a pleasure! Tell me what are you thinking about my movie choice! And please recommend me some of your favourite movies or cartoons that are perfect for a holiday season!
 Guys I really love you all so-so-so much! Dear bloggers you make my every day...you make my life!
See you in 2013!
Sometimes we need to change the place we live in order to find a true love!

Thanks to my Mom it's 1 of my favourite movie for Christmas!

We MUST pay attention to love and our family! It's the 1 thing that makes us really happy ad alive!

Who doesn't like this cute green man? :)

Watch with your family!

Of course we can't forget about Kevin!!! ;)

Hi again, Kevin!

One of my all-time favourites ever!!!!

How magical the power of love can be! Especially during the winter holidays!

I can't live without this book and movie! I dont know how many times a year I watch it BUT most of all I like to watch it on winter holidays!
One of my favourite Disney's movie since childhood. I'll never be too old for it. The perfect time to watch for me - winter holidays!

понедельник, 3 декабря 2012 г.

Victoria's Secret

Hi my beautiful friends! Just in a few days we can see a full version of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I can't wait to watch it. What about you? In order to make these days brighter and more interesting I decide to add something interesting with Victoria's Secret angels. It's the video of backstage (we all tired to watch just photos) and cute video where angels sing Justin Bieber's song (the same thing they have last year with a song  Moves Like Jagger). Hope you will like it!

суббота, 17 ноября 2012 г.

Inspiration for Work Area

Hey ladies! Finally I got a new job (interesting and creative). So I understand that I need some inspo for my work area in order to make a working process more fun and interesting! Besides if this area is inspiring it will be much more amazing to make new posts for my blog. I'm not planning to redo my room or something like this. Just want to have some interesting details in a place where I do my all projects, posts, ideas and stuff for work! And after this I had an idea to share with my friends (with you dears!) the pictures that inspire me which I find in the Internet. Hope you will like them and maybe they will bring some ideas for you too! 
Feel free to share with me in the comments the things that inspire you for work. I'll be glad to know and to use them for myself. Also free follow me!




вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

The World Premiere of The Last Part of "The Twilight Saga"

Yesterday was a premiere of the last movie part of Twilight's Saga ("The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Part Two"). When I saw the look of the main actresses I was impressed - I like every single girl! Each of them had a great dress which gave her unique and feminine look! So I can't wait to share these photos with you! I want to hear your thoughts about this. Feel free to let me know who is    your favourite young lady from the list below! Also want to know are you going to see the last part of this saga?

 Kristen Stewart in Zuhair Murad Dress

Nikki Reed in Versace Dress

Ashley Greene in Donna Karan Dress

 Dakota Fanning in Elie Saab Dress

четверг, 8 ноября 2012 г.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012!

Hello-hello girls! Do you know what was yesterday? Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012! It seems that the TV version we will watch only in December. If only you are not of those the luckiest people who visit this great show yesterday. 
Remember how in September we discussed the sketches and thought who will wear the Fantasy Bra? Well, I get the answers in the photos! Let's see!
This year the honour to wear the Fantasy Bra got Alessandra Ambrosio. For her it's for the first time even she has been a VS angel for 11 years, since 2001! Just imagine how long it took to her! Yesterday she was wakking the runway in amazing Fantasy Bra which is rather expensive (as usual actually) - 2,5 milloins of dollars. Let's take a look!



What do you think about this year Fantasy Bra? Do you like it? Do you like how Ale coped with such a responsible mission? If not tell me what Fantasy Bra that has already been on the runway is your favourite and what model who performed it is the most liked by you? I also have some photos of  others girls! Let's take a look!
I like all Miranda's looks!

And how can I forget about Candice?

Lady Doutzen!

And here is another looks of other girls I like!





And do you know whos was invited? What stars entertained everyone? It's Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Rihanna. Honestly? I rather often thought when RiRi will be invited to the VS Fashion Show? Finally!



I can't wait to watch the the full TV version of this! Girls what are your impressions about everything you just have seen? Who was your favourite? I would like to know! And tell me please do you want me to make a backstage post about this show? Let me know!