пятница, 12 октября 2012 г.

Rachel Bilson's Everyday Look

Not so long ago I saw these photos of RB and I just obsessed with this look because I think it's so amazing for everyday look: girly, edgy, casual and a little bit of chic. I also prefer something like this in clothes. So I think it's one of the mainest reason I like this look. Actually Rachel's looks inspire me very-very often! What do you think about it?
By the way do you watch the 2nd season of Hart of Dixie? I DO!

вторник, 9 октября 2012 г.

Have you ever been to VFNO? Yes? No? Read the interview with a girl who was!

There are so many great events that are in the world. One of the hugest and the mpst popular is a Vogue Fashion's Night Out. There are a lot of people who heard about it. There are also many of those who visited it but there are also a plenty of people who can't do it. Some live far away from the cities where the events are leaded and some countries don't have at all this event (like mine but hope in future it will be changed). So my beautiful blogger friend Leonor from the The Sparkling Lemon answered some of my questions and told about this event. She actually lives in Lisbon (Portugal).

1. What a VFNO is?

Vogue Fashion's night out is an event in which the stores don't close their doors!! Instead, they turn the music on and the good atmosphere up!!

What is the main idea of this event?
I think it brings everyone, every capital together in something that goes beyond fashion itself! 

What people are doing on FNO? 
People are out in the street, going from store to store, taking a sneak peak into all the new collections, all the new arrivals and also having great time with friends.

How shopping in this day differs from the ordinary shopping?
Well, I think the main difference here is that you really get to try the products that you normally wouldn't! For instance, in my VFNO post, you can see me trying the new YSL craquer nail polisher, something I probably wouldn't have done in some random shopping day. Also it motivates you to try different stores you usually don't visit and really have a good time.

What advantages of this event can you say?
I must admit that to me the best advantage is that it brings the two things I love the most together!! Good company and fashion!! I think it's amazing how it really makes everyone super happy and excited about shopping!! ahahah!

How many times did FNO was in your country and can you say that from year to year it becomes better and better?
This was the third time VFNO happened in Lisbon and I really think it got better this year! Probably because of all the success it had in the past years, which led many other stores to open and to participate more enthusiastically in this event.

Do you try to visit this event every year?
I do, I went both last year and this year. Only missed the first time!

Do you remember the first time you have visited FNO? What feelings did you have?
I went to VFNO for the first time last year, and I really enjoyed! It has everything for people to have a great time.

Why do you like a VFNO?
I think the best part is that everyone goes out, there's good music, great stores, amazing fashion, pretty people and just a really good atmosphere. 

Are there celebrities in this event?
Yes, there are many celebrities!! Here in Portugal we had many actors, models and many, many bloggers. The truth is everyone gets very excited about this event and goes out to have a good time.

Is there some special attitude for bloggers, stars etc on FNO? Or all people feel themselves on equal?
My own opinion is that everyone is very relaxed and so I didn't feel any attitude from anyone! People are just very much opened to talk to friends and even fans.

All the photos here are the property of Leonor! Don't forget to visit her by clicking HERE!
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