суббота, 11 августа 2012 г.

Braids on celebrities...and on me ;)

How could even say that braids which more often we could see on little girls become so-so-so popular? But it's a fact! Nowadays different type of braids we can see almost on every head of a famous girl ;) 
Let's watch together and tell whose style you like more than others?


Very often I see this trend on Jessica Alba...


...Blake Lively

Of course it's not the whole list of "famous" braids. I just posted those I like the most =) 
Speaking about me I am a huge fan of all type of braids and do them almost every day. As you know I don't post my photos with my different outfits. I think I'd like to start a little bit later =) But today I decide to post my personal photos. It's not an outfit, it's some photos of my hair from my prom (oh, it was 5 years ago :) This hairstyle did the professional not me. I chose such hairstyle because proms are always in summer and it's always hot and I didn't want my hair to be messy. 
What can you say? Do you like it?

And the whole my prom look of 2007 so it's better to see what outfit I chose for the hairstyle&make up.
 So what can you say? :)