среда, 31 декабря 2014 г.

Hello 2015!!!

 Девочки!!! Я вас от всей души поздравляю с Новым 2015 годом!!! Я желаю вам исполнения всех мечт. Вы же помните, что вы самые лучшие? Если нет, то я вам сейчас об этом напоминаю :) Используйте каждый день нового года для достижения целей. Ведь в этом мире все реально и в один прекрасный момент можно проснуться и понять, что ваша мечта исполнена. Просто вы для этого много работали. Но не будем никому об этом говорить, хорошо? И помните: SOMETIMES A KING IS A WOMAN!

Girls!!! I want to say to all of you HAPPY NEW 2015 YEAR!!! I wish all your dreams will come true this year. Don't forget that you are fabulous. If you don't think so listen to me: YOU ARE AMAZING. I'm saying that :) Take every day of the new year to achieve your goals. We all know that everything is possible in this world. One shiny day you will wake up and realize that all your dreams came true. You just have worked so hard for this. But let's don't say about it to everyone, OK? And remember: SOMETIMES A KING IS A WOMAN! 

Оооо...и сохраните себе эту картинку. Если будете забывать о свои планах.

Ooooh...and save this picture. In case if you forget all your plans.

And let's keep in touch making our blogging family bigger!

среда, 24 декабря 2014 г.

Dolce&Gabbana Made My Day

Девочки!!! Вы видели новую рекламную кампанию Dolce&Gabbana? Я в восторге! Да, конечно, можно сказать, что это их любимая эксплуатация итальянской темы. НО! Дeло не в этом. Посмотрите, какие женщины тут. И я не о молодых известных моделях. А об этих пожилых итальянках, которые и придают колорит всем фотографиям. Как по мне, то это просто дань уважения женщинам! Любовь к женщинам! Абсолютная! И это прекрасно. А вы как думаете?

Girls!!! Have you seen new Dolce&Gabbana's cappaign? I am so excited!Yes, we can say that it's their favorite theme - Italy. But it's not the point! Look at these women. And I am not talking about models. I am talking about these old ladies which make the photos soooo amazing and...POWERFUL! I think this campaign is a designers' song of love for every woman. No matter where are you from, how do you look and your age! And what do you think?


среда, 3 декабря 2014 г.

The History of Black Friday

Черная Пятница - мечта всех покупателей. В США - это начало всех грандиозных рождественских распродаж и вобщем-то символ новогоднего сезона. ЧП отмечают после Дня Благодарения. Конечно, не за горами будут скидки к новогодним праздникам, НО в один день ТАКИЕ скидки вы вряд ли когда-либо найдете еще среди года. Но ведь у всего есть история. И мне стало очень интересно узнать, когда и почему возникла Черная Пятница.

Black Friday - the dream of all shopaholics. In the USA - this is the beginning of all great Christmas sales the symbol of the New Year season. BF is celebrated after Thanksgiving Day. Of course, just around the corner will be discounts for New Year holidays, but you can hardly find only one day in the year with such sales. But everything has a history. And I was very interested to know when and why Black Friday had appeared.

Традиционные распродажи в этот день начали устраивать еще в 19 веке. Только вот свое официальное название Черная Пятница получила значительно позже. В 60-х годах 20-го века полицейские Филадельфии окрестили следующий после Дня Благодарения день (пятницу) черной из-за огромных пробок на улице, которые создавались и автомобилями и пешеходами.

Traditional sales in this day has arranged since the 19th century. But its official name (Black Friday) was much later. In the 60s of the 20th century, Philadelphia police dubbed the next day after Thanksgiving (Friday) black because of the huge traffic on the streets, which were created by cars and pedestrians.

Правда, есть еще одна версия появления названия этого...праздника. Все дело в чернилах! Дело в том, что раньше прибыль в бухгалтерских книгах отмечали черным цветом, а убытки - красным. Но какие в этот день могут быть убытки? Магазины только и успевали, что доллары подсчитывать. 

However, there is another version of the appearance of the name of the holiday .... All the matter in the ink! The fact is that profits on the books were marked by black and loss - red. But lossescan be this day? 

С тех пор ничего не меняется. Чуть ли не каждый американец в этот день отправляется на шоппинг. Большинство магазинов открывается очень рано и люди уже в 2-3 часа ноччи на ногах. Надо себя привести в порядок, собрать и ехать занимать очередь. В стремлении заполучить желаемый товар по большей скидке, дело может дойти даже до драки!!! Да и вообще, представьте сколько таких же желающих сэкономить приедет. 

Since then, nothing has changed. Almost every American goes this day on shopping. Most shops are open very early and people already in 2-3 hours A.M. on the feet. It should be a cause in order to gather and take their turn to go. In an effort to get the desired product at a big discount, it will come even before the fight !!! 

Кстати, говорят, что около 20% всей розничной торговли Америки совершается именно в период между Черной Пятницей и Рождеством. В 2013 не проигнорировали возможность отправиться на массовый шоппинг 249 миллионов американцев по всей стране! Так, а кто из вас принимал участие в этом событии? Возможно это был онлайн шоппинг в ЧП, опыт в Америке или другой европейской стране? И если был, то ваше лучшее приобретение и где самые большие скидки?

By the way, they say that about 20% of all retail sales in America was committed between Black Friday and Christmas. In 2013 249 million Americans across the country did not ignore the opportunity to go on a massive shopping! So who of you had participated in this event? Maybe it was online shopping in an emergency, experience in America or another European country? And if so, what your best purchase and where were the biggest sales?

понедельник, 20 октября 2014 г.

Trends We Should Stop Buying

Let's be honest! We look through magazines, fashion shows and street style. Some of the trends make me surprised! Are people really going to spend much money on it? I am sure there are many fashion items girls should invest in: white blouse, leather purse, classic heels, good watch and some other things. But there are some trends that are totally not worth the money or even should be stop buying!!! 

Designer sneakers! I am sure we shouldn't spend money on Dior or Chanel sneakers while we have Reebok, New Balance, Nike or Adidas. I think Coco will be shocked if she knew that Chanel is making sneakers now(((


Designer T-shirts. Well...hello! It's a piece of cotton. That's all! Oh no. It's an EXPENSIVE piece of cotton. Many other brands can offer you an amazing choice of tshirts: from ordinary with crazy prints. It's all up to you. But showing that you can afford designer clothes by buyng t-shirt - it's not worth it. It's not fashion investment. And you are not the only so smaaart girl who tries to have pricy look. OMG it's better to invest in shoes or purse!


Well hello there! These babies rocked the world. All girls wanted it. Especially everyone were dreaming about Chanel))) But let be honest. Is it trendy? It's just a fabric. Nothing more.

Sneakers wedges... I don't like it from the whole start. When I want to be comfy&sporty I don't need wedges on my sneakers. And when I prefer to look girly&classy I'll choose heels or wedges. To combine it - it's just the way to find something extraordinary and in the result you have nothing special. But of course Isabel Marant did a great job a few years ago! Soooo much replikas)))) I think that were even more copies than for Birkin.

Spikes. It's OK. But only for one season. Even Valentino can't change my mind.

среда, 15 октября 2014 г.

September Favorites

Isn't it too late to post my September favorites? I am sorry for "too late post" but I decide that it's better now than never. 

So....what I like? OF COURSE #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I still reading it but it's for sure my favorite not only of this month. It's a great book for girls with dreams and girls from the woman that achieve her dreams and give great advice. 
Mint Mask from Lush. I've been at it for soooo long and FINALLY I've bought it. Ilike he effect that it gives me: cooling, makes my pore less visible and more clean. What else can I want?))
Creme eyshadow by Maybelline in color Permanent Taupe. Their legendary color tattoo which was totally a disaster for me! I can't even describe how disappointed I was in this product. I was totally ready to throw it away. But I realize that I can actually can give it the 2nd chance. So now it's one of my the most favorite products for my brow routine. 
Gel eyeliner by MAC. I am not sure that I should write about it as every blogger knows about it. I like it a lot and it's almost out. But I want to try gel/creme eyeliner by another brand. Maybe you can give me an advice?
Eyeshadow base by Vivienne Sabo. I am sure that in the USA you won't find this brand and probably not in every European country. BUT if you'll have the chance to see it GO and BUY it! It's soooo budget, lasts forever and works so well!
Baby Skin by Maybelline. Great primer which can prepare your skin for foundation or you can wear it by itself. Make your skin soft and pore less visible. And important fact for those who have an oily skin (you'll have a matte face. At least it works so for me))) Great dupe for the Benefit Pore Eraser. Seems that tube is soooo small BUT actually you can have this product for a long time.
Mascara Colossal Volune by Maybelline. Don't you think that I should be an ambassador of Maybelline?)))) I like almost every product they make. So this mascara isn't an exception. The effect it gives is reat for daytime: not much drama (you don't need it), great black color (but not tooooo black but it's ok for me), great lenghtening and volume. I've been using almost every day for about 3 months. I think it's a great product for its price.
CC Cream by L'Oreal. I am not a fan of heavy textures when we are talking about foundations. So CC Cream is pretty much everything I need (light coverage but at thr same time it covers all my imperfection). Thanks God I have good skin anf don't need a heavy foundation. So for those who have just the great skin tone and light coverage - this product is for you.
Lipstick in color Grenadine by Clarins. Clarins is another brand I am totally obsessed about. Their lipstick is one of my favorite. It's dark to use it in fall but at hte same time the color is enough for daytime.
Lipstick in color Airy Fairy by Rimmel. Hello! I am suuuuch a fan of Rimmel. And this lipstick is one my all time favorites. It's a little bit pale, a little bit nude and a little bit pink. I don't even know how many lipstick in this color I bought during my makeup life))) I like to use it when I'm not in the mood to wear bright lips or have a wings or smokey eyes.

четверг, 11 сентября 2014 г.

What are You Going to Wear in Bed After Watching/Reading "50 Shades of Grey"?

Cоздатели фильма "50 оттенков серого" уже вовсю готовят зрителей к премьере...То тизер подбросят, то кадром из картины. Те, кто читал книгу, конечно, тоже ждут фильм. Но эти люди все в своей голове уже представили, когда читали))) Только не имеет значения, читали ли вы книгу или просто посмотрите фильм, если на премьеру вы собираетесь с молодым человеком. После фильма вы вряд ли захотите просто поужинать, посмотреть ТВ, сделать маску и развернуться к стеночке и уснуть). Под впечатлением вы захотите показать чудеса гибкости вашего тела (и не имеет значения, что вы вместе уже достаточно, чтобы парень понял, что с этим беда))). На экране в кинотеатре и не такое показывали. Чем вы хуже? Только белье не забудьте подходящее выбрать (бабушкины труселя не катят!) Такая длинная словесная прелюдия была написана к тому, что я вам предлагаю несколько вариантов, в чем можно отправиться в спальню после просмотра "50 оттенков серого" (или после прочтения))). Точнее не я, а бренд Yamamay. Тут белья на всех хватит) Среди всего, что выпустил бренд в новой коллекции, я отобрала то, в чем сам Бог велел появится после просмотра самого откровенного, развратного, провокационного....и как его еще называли....фильма!

 Creators "50 shades of Grey" already prepare the audience for the premiere. They throw a teaser or the new picture. Those who have read the book, of course, are also waiting for the film. But these people have had the picture in their heads. But it does not matter whether you read a book or just watch the movie, if you're going to the premiere with a man. After the movie you do not want just to have a dinner, watch TV, make a mask and turn to stenochke and sleep). Under the impression you want to show the wonders of the flexibility of your body (and it does not matter that you have been together for quite a long time and guy realized your problem))). Just do not forget the right lingerie to choose (grandmother's undedrwear doesn't roll!) So long verbal foreplay was written to offer you several options for what can you choose when will enter the bedroom after watching "50 shades of gray" (or after reading))). Certainly not me, the brand Yamamay! Among all, released a brand new collection, I selected what God ordered to appear after viewing the most outspoken, lewd, provocative  movie!