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Interview with a Talented and Young Model Liv Mathis!!!

Well girls I don't know what about you but I adore magazines. So tell me what we ALWAYS see there? But it's better to say "who" not "what"...Exactly..models! They stare at us with the perfect hair, great make-up and chic clothes. At least one of those who read it now wanted to be in the magazine. Am I right? Suppose I am. But have you ever thought that these girls are just like we are, with their own problems and dreams. Sometimes their perfect life (just like we think) isn't so perfect...
I had a chance to chat with so nice and amazing girl. She is a model and will be signing with an agency in NY and LA. I think in the nearest future she'll blow the world of models! So please meet Liv Mathis!!!

1. Firstly tell about yourself please.
My name is Liv Mathis. I just recently turned 17 years old! I was born in Atlanta, GA. I do have a bit of Euro In me but unfortunately I wasn't born there.

2. Tell about your childhood.
I was your average child. I grew up with one younger brother and one older  sister. But I do have another brother and 2 more sisters! They are older and moved out. I lived in Atlanta for 7 years and then moved to South Carolina. I miss Atlanta so much! I'm definitely a city girl!

3. Did you always want to be a model and how did you get into this business?

I originally wanted to be a celebrity make-up artist and/or hair stylist because of my extreme creativity. Dumbfounded, when I was 16 I was scouted by Steve Fox (Fox Models International) in our local mall. I walked in 2 show cases in front of several top New York agencies such as IMG, Next, Ford, etc. I had 7 out of 10 call backs but unfortunately did not sign with anyone. I started looking more and more into it with time and became obsessed with molding myself into a model. I lost weight, stayed toned, treated my hair, and cleared my skin. I knew for sure the rush that modeling gave me was something I wanted when I was 16.

4. Do you have some funny stories about modeling that happend to you? And can you tell one of them to readers?

Last February I ended up getting signed with an Atlanta agency. I signed with them because of a newly released TV show that they were involved with. Little did I know it wasn't all that it was mapped out to be. I booked zero jobs through this agency. All jobs I have accomplished were booked through myself. I was basically my own agent. Until a month ago! I'm in the midst of my release from my contract with the agency in Atlanta and I have many offers from other agencies all over the world. I'm planning to sign with an agency in LA. (I cannot release any names yet.) Its funny because I have been signed with this Atlanta agency for about 8 months and never knew I had all of these other great opportunities!

5. Who are your role models in this business?
My main role model is Georgia Jagger. She's so beautiful and she is the main reason I've decided to embrace the gap between my teeth. I feel it's important to be who you are and stay that way. And that's exactly what she has done.

6.  Did you meet the legendary models who are known all over the world?

I have met many, many, amazing models from all over the world but I have yet to meet any legends!

7. What is the best in your opinion your project which make you proud of yourself?

I cant really say quite say my most cherished work yet. I have done amazing things but I'm not yet where I want to be at!

8. On what magazine's cover have you been and on what you would like to be and why?

This month I have covered 2 fashion magazine's and done spreads for 5 different magazines. A few are Uptempo, MOD Magazine and K|W Report!

9. The face of what cosmetics, clothes, shoes you want to be in future?
I am not yet the face of any cosmetics or brands. I did shoot for Surf or City in St.Petersburg, Florida over the summer and am newly a face for them!

10. Does modeling give you the opportunity to travel and where have you already been?
I travel all of the time. I'm always on the road. Recently I've been in Atlanta, Orlando, and Nashville. Once I sign with a new agency I will be traveling way more.

11. Is it difficult to find the common language with other models? It's not a secret that you are all rivals for each other and is it possible to make a real friendship with models?
Most of the models I have met speak good English if they are from other countries. It's a very competitive industry, so cut throat. I can say that some of the best friends I have ever made are my competition. I've made very good friends with other models. We're all happy for each other and wish each other the best.

12. What do you wear in your everyday life and on castings?
I honestly am a mix between very classy and hippie. Some days I will be dressed like I'm walking red carpet and other days I'm dressed as if I don't have a care in the world. Although on castings I must always dress clean. A black tank, skinny jeans, and black heels is my usual outfit for castings.

13. What do you want to achieve in future? Do ou plan to be a model for all your life or want to do something else?
I have a lot of goals set for my modeling career. Many brands I want to be the face of. So I must keep that as a main focus for now. Eventually I'm sure, I want to be an agent. I'm always looking at teens thinking "He/She could be a supermodel!"

14. What's your favourite shoe, clothes and make-up brand? 
My favorite shoe line right now is Vince Camuto! LOVE the Wenters boot in black. My favorite make-up is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! Their lip tar is the best! All of the MUA's should have it in their kit!

15. What photographer does the best photos in your mind?
Honestly I have met a lot of great photographers and I adore most of them! I will say my favorite so far is a photographer named Allen Cooley! His work is beautiful and he is very educated about not only photography but the whole industry! He's given me an enormous amount of tips!

16. Can you give some advice to those who want to be models: with what should they start, what they should know and how to look?
The best advice I can give to aspiring models is MAKE SURE you sign with the right agency! Do not get talked into anything. Also DO NOT pay to model! That's not how it's supposed to work! You're not supposed to be bankrupting yourself to have pretty pictures taken! Take some snap shots at home and send them in to an agency!! Be humble, and stay true to your dreams.

I hope you enjoy reading! This girl is amazing, isn't she?
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