пятница, 19 октября 2012 г.

Kardashians on Photos of Their Make-up Line "KHROMA Beauty"

So what can you say about it? Would you like to try it? What's your oppiniom about these sisters? Don't you think that there is too much of Kardashians? I do/ All in all my favourite sister is Kourtney! Who's yours?

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  1. I think Kourtney is the prettiest but think she doesn't look good on this picture...

  2. I love Kourtney too. I think there is way too much Kardashian anything going on! enough already lol




  3. Thnx for your comment babe! I follow you on bloglovin now. You follow me back (pinky promise) :D I just started bloggin so I really need support :) xxx

    Btw My favorite Kardashian is Kim!