понедельник, 20 октября 2014 г.

Trends We Should Stop Buying

Let's be honest! We look through magazines, fashion shows and street style. Some of the trends make me surprised! Are people really going to spend much money on it? I am sure there are many fashion items girls should invest in: white blouse, leather purse, classic heels, good watch and some other things. But there are some trends that are totally not worth the money or even should be stop buying!!! 

Designer sneakers! I am sure we shouldn't spend money on Dior or Chanel sneakers while we have Reebok, New Balance, Nike or Adidas. I think Coco will be shocked if she knew that Chanel is making sneakers now(((


Designer T-shirts. Well...hello! It's a piece of cotton. That's all! Oh no. It's an EXPENSIVE piece of cotton. Many other brands can offer you an amazing choice of tshirts: from ordinary with crazy prints. It's all up to you. But showing that you can afford designer clothes by buyng t-shirt - it's not worth it. It's not fashion investment. And you are not the only so smaaart girl who tries to have pricy look. OMG it's better to invest in shoes or purse!


Well hello there! These babies rocked the world. All girls wanted it. Especially everyone were dreaming about Chanel))) But let be honest. Is it trendy? It's just a fabric. Nothing more.

Sneakers wedges... I don't like it from the whole start. When I want to be comfy&sporty I don't need wedges on my sneakers. And when I prefer to look girly&classy I'll choose heels or wedges. To combine it - it's just the way to find something extraordinary and in the result you have nothing special. But of course Isabel Marant did a great job a few years ago! Soooo much replikas)))) I think that were even more copies than for Birkin.

Spikes. It's OK. But only for one season. Even Valentino can't change my mind.

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  1. aw girl, this post was like fresh air. i totally agree with you, i think it's so stupid to buy designer t-shirts or espadrilles.

  2. I totally agree with you, great post!!


  3. great opinion post! love these kind of suggestions! still, I have to say that the Valentino would change my mind! ahahah at least a little bit :p
    big kiss!