среда, 15 октября 2014 г.

September Favorites

Isn't it too late to post my September favorites? I am sorry for "too late post" but I decide that it's better now than never. 

So....what I like? OF COURSE #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I still reading it but it's for sure my favorite not only of this month. It's a great book for girls with dreams and girls from the woman that achieve her dreams and give great advice. 
Mint Mask from Lush. I've been at it for soooo long and FINALLY I've bought it. Ilike he effect that it gives me: cooling, makes my pore less visible and more clean. What else can I want?))
Creme eyshadow by Maybelline in color Permanent Taupe. Their legendary color tattoo which was totally a disaster for me! I can't even describe how disappointed I was in this product. I was totally ready to throw it away. But I realize that I can actually can give it the 2nd chance. So now it's one of my the most favorite products for my brow routine. 
Gel eyeliner by MAC. I am not sure that I should write about it as every blogger knows about it. I like it a lot and it's almost out. But I want to try gel/creme eyeliner by another brand. Maybe you can give me an advice?
Eyeshadow base by Vivienne Sabo. I am sure that in the USA you won't find this brand and probably not in every European country. BUT if you'll have the chance to see it GO and BUY it! It's soooo budget, lasts forever and works so well!
Baby Skin by Maybelline. Great primer which can prepare your skin for foundation or you can wear it by itself. Make your skin soft and pore less visible. And important fact for those who have an oily skin (you'll have a matte face. At least it works so for me))) Great dupe for the Benefit Pore Eraser. Seems that tube is soooo small BUT actually you can have this product for a long time.
Mascara Colossal Volune by Maybelline. Don't you think that I should be an ambassador of Maybelline?)))) I like almost every product they make. So this mascara isn't an exception. The effect it gives is reat for daytime: not much drama (you don't need it), great black color (but not tooooo black but it's ok for me), great lenghtening and volume. I've been using almost every day for about 3 months. I think it's a great product for its price.
CC Cream by L'Oreal. I am not a fan of heavy textures when we are talking about foundations. So CC Cream is pretty much everything I need (light coverage but at thr same time it covers all my imperfection). Thanks God I have good skin anf don't need a heavy foundation. So for those who have just the great skin tone and light coverage - this product is for you.
Lipstick in color Grenadine by Clarins. Clarins is another brand I am totally obsessed about. Their lipstick is one of my favorite. It's dark to use it in fall but at hte same time the color is enough for daytime.
Lipstick in color Airy Fairy by Rimmel. Hello! I am suuuuch a fan of Rimmel. And this lipstick is one my all time favorites. It's a little bit pale, a little bit nude and a little bit pink. I don't even know how many lipstick in this color I bought during my makeup life))) I like to use it when I'm not in the mood to wear bright lips or have a wings or smokey eyes.

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  1. I've got the same baby skin primer and mascara by maybelline, love the mascara but i don't like the primer, it did'nt work for my oily face.I use milk of magnesia now and it works great. Cool list.