понедельник, 31 декабря 2012 г.

Holiday Movies!!!

It's a New Year's Eve today. It's a holiday which the whole planet celebrate in one day! I know some of you had already celebrated Christmas just a week ago. In my country this holiday is celebrated on 6-7-th January. But I can say that the holiday spirit in my mind and soul lives since November actually! So I can say that Christmas and New Year mood live in my house for a long time! Hope that you are the same and undertsand me :) I also want to share with you some of my favourite movies that I like to see every winter and actually during the whole year too! I am sure that you've already seen them and for many-many times! But if not...have a pleasure! Tell me what are you thinking about my movie choice! And please recommend me some of your favourite movies or cartoons that are perfect for a holiday season!
 Guys I really love you all so-so-so much! Dear bloggers you make my every day...you make my life!
See you in 2013!
Sometimes we need to change the place we live in order to find a true love!

Thanks to my Mom it's 1 of my favourite movie for Christmas!

We MUST pay attention to love and our family! It's the 1 thing that makes us really happy ad alive!

Who doesn't like this cute green man? :)

Watch with your family!

Of course we can't forget about Kevin!!! ;)

Hi again, Kevin!

One of my all-time favourites ever!!!!

How magical the power of love can be! Especially during the winter holidays!

I can't live without this book and movie! I dont know how many times a year I watch it BUT most of all I like to watch it on winter holidays!
One of my favourite Disney's movie since childhood. I'll never be too old for it. The perfect time to watch for me - winter holidays!

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  1. I hope the holidays were good to you too! I saw 'The Holiday" it was a fun movie!

    Ali of:


  2. Great Post!

    Nice selection still need to see some :P

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  3. Love all these movies, specially beauty and the beast! <3 haha