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Interview with Cassandra from WEAR2DAY!

I didn't make interviews for so long. And finally I did it! Maybe I wanted somone who can inspire me for this. And finally I find. Actually I read the blog of this girl for a while. I always been hypnotized by her appearance and her looks! Her name is Cassandra and her blog is http://www.wear2day.com/. More interesting you can read from our conversation below!


    1. Tell about yourself.
I'm a fashion blogger from http://www.wear2day.com/. I was born in Malaysia and move to United State 9 years ago. I always have passion in fashion since I was a little girl and that never changed. 

2. When and why did you start blogging?

I started to blog since August 2011. I always have friends or strangers come up to me asking where I got what I wear and I think it's a good idea to share the information with everybody. I'm also always a personal shopper to my friends and them loving my sense of style give me confidence to start sharing my style too.


3. Have you always wanted to have a fashion blog?
I never thought about blogging before I actually started one. But I do dream about being a fashion editor and show my styling skill. I guess that's pretty much the same.

4. How much time do you spend on your blog every day?
I spend about 6 hours everyday on my blog and reading other's blog.

5. Does your blog a hobby for your or a job?
I started the blog as a hobby as I only post 2 to 3 looks a month. As time pass, I starting to post more and more. Starting this year since me and my husband relocating to a new city, blogging become my "part time job" since I spend most of my time there.


6. What opportunities did the blog give to you? How did it change your life?
Blogging gives me opportunity to know a lot of awesome people around the world and able to share and exchange fashion ideas with them. I am also able and have chance to cooperate with some great fashion businesses.

7. How do you see your blog in future?
I don't know what will happen in the future but I'm hoping I can keep blogging as long as I can and hope it'll bring me more opportunities to work in fashion industry.


8. How can you describe your style?
I would say my styles are usually edgy and sophisticated. However, I try on everything that I love.

9. What and who did form your style?
I wouldn't able to tell who form my style because I wear what I think it match with my personality. For example I usually won't wear a very cute outfit because I don't think cute is the right word to describe me. LOL!!


10. What are your all-time favourite trends?
My all-time favorite trend is PRINT. Every season has their own popular prints trends and I love all of it. From printed tops to pants, bags to shoes, I can't stop to keep adding printed pieces to my closet. They make a simple cutting piece look interesting and fun.

11. What is "fashion" and "style" for you? And if there is a difference between these words?
"Fashion" is what popular at that particular season and "Style" is what you form yourself and make people recognized you. Fashion won't last but style is what will follow you for along time. 


12. What you will never ever wear?
I love to try different styles and everything I like. If I must choose then I'll say I don't like and will never want to wear anything too weird like stuff or outfit that will remind me of devil or satanism. I never gets why some people wants to look evil. We are not angle but we are human.


13. How much money girls should spend on thei wardrobes? What are the things everyone should invest in and what can be cheaper?
There's no fixed amount of money a person should or shouldn't spend on their wardrobe. People should spend on what they can afford and not to go over board. Fashion is not about how expensive and who's wearing the most famous designer's pieces but it's about how confidence you are in what you are wearing. I always suggest to invest in basic and classic items like a great pants and jeans or classic jacket and coat. Basic and classic items won't go out of style and you can wear them for years. I normally will save on tops and anything that's very "in-trend". Trends come and go so I won't spend too much on pieces that's very in-season.


14. Do you have a favourite fashion movie, magazine, designer, book about fashion?
My favorite fashion movies is "The Devils wear Prada"; I subscribed to almost 8 fashion magazines so I pretty much love all of them; I love Coco Chanel, she's a fashion legend; and my new favorite fashion book is "Fashion - the definitive history of costume and style" - my last Christmas present from hubby!

15. Can you give some advice for those who want to start a fashion blog? What are the main tips?
If you think about starting a blog, then go ahead and START! Don't have to think too much or plan too much. The blog will getting better over time. There shouldn't be a stress on how much time you can spend on the blog, blogging suppose to be happy and enjoyable!


I hope you like it. It was a pleasure for me to chat with this interesting and stylish, obviously, girl. Of course it's not the whole looks. More you can find on her blog http://www.wear2day.com/. And don't forget to follow Cassandra! And of course me! ;)

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