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Interview with Oanh Phan

Those of you who visit my blog know that I like do interviwes with interesting people. Often it's not only bloggers. You can actually to read my interviews in a section "INTERVIEWS" which you can see on home page. This time I had a conversation with a blogger, girl named Oanh Phan from Norway. Here is her blog and feel free to visit and follow it! What things we discussed and what was the result of our conversation you can read below.

1.Tell me please about yourself.
My name is Oanh Phan, I`m 21 years old who was born and raised in Norway. My parents are originally from Vietnam. And im studying interior design. 

2.You have started blogging not so long ago. What was the push for you? 

I started floatchic.com cause I want to share my life through pictures and words. Or I mean, not life, life. In this context not private things but clothes and stuffs like that. 

3. What is the main goal of your blog and what's the main message of it for readers?
I had no specific goals. But I want people to be inspired and that the blog could be a source of inspiration for them.

4. Who is your fashion icon?
There is no doubt that Olivia Palermo is my favorite. She is very good to mix all the clothes, no matter what she wears. 

5. What are your all time favorite trends and what trends of this summer do you like the most?That was a hard question. Because i like all trends (almost). I really like studs and spikes on jeans, worn and cool. But I have to admit that the boyfriend jeans are always a win. Girls forget that we have bigger jeans. And when they first buy a jeans they go for a slim and tight one. Boyfriend jeans are way more comfy and cool. For the autumn trends i really love the burgundy colour, and oversized sweaters and jackets. 

6. In your opinion what trends are overvalued?
I can't say how much i hate crocs and uggs. Ugly, ugly, ugly. 

7. Where do you get inspiration?
From the streets, magazines and from celebrities who has a good sense of clothing. Like Olivia Palermo as I mentioned, Miranda Kerr, and a man called Nick Wooster. I think that there is so much to gained from men`s fashion too. He`s definetly the coolest man in the entire world. 

8. Does it care you if someone will say that don't like your style or will say that can style your clothes better?No, i dont care much about it. The must important thing is that im comfortable with what im wearing. 

9. Through all years there were so many changes in fashion. What time is favorite? 
I think the flared jeans from 70`s are so cool. 

10. How can you describe your style?
I would say it is minimalist, but still i can mix and match with accessories. 

11. Where do you prefer to buy clothes?
I'm not that picky, but zara and h&m are my favorites. And i love vintage shops, i love to find treasures that nobody else has. 

12. How does the wardrobe of your dreams look like and what it includes?
I want Olivia Palermo`s wardrobe. It is hard, because I can never have enough clothes, i want to mix and match everything. but everyone should have basically clothes like, black jeans, white tshirt, leather jacket and pumps. they are for sure great to have. 

13. How do you think is there a stylish couple where either man or woman are dressed with a taste and have great style?
I would say Camila Alves and Matthew Mcconaughey. They know how to suits each other. 

14. Do you have any quotes, wisdom sayings or mottoes what help you to live?
No, I just take it day by day, but still it is important that I achieve 100% in everything. 

15. Do you have any fashion taboos?
Despite the fact that many people love fashion and clothing have low status in Norway. It is somehow not allowed to say that one is fond of ornaments and beautiful clothes, because it is simply so low in value in the Norwegian culture. I don`t have any taboos, I just think that the norwegian people, the culture should open up their mind for fashion a little more. Somehow we are in a good way now, or I mean in a better way. 

16. Is there any fashion advice that you read somewhere or somebody told you and now you use it? If yes, please share with others.
Nobody has told me anything, but the think is I`ve been inspired by myself. I have taken it with my own eyes. for example in the street, and I`ve seen or read in magazines as well. 

17. In what fashion items do you invest the most of your money?
Maybe my leather boots and a pair of sunnies. 

18. Is fashion the only your hobby/love or there are some other things that you also like?I would say that fashion is life. so cliché, but it's true. We express ourselves through clothing, and it is also the first impression you give to people. Clothing is something you wear all the time, so why dont we play with it? We can play with it in all different ways. 

19.Share your blog experience and give advice for others!
Everyone should start blogging, its fun. It dont need to be fashion related, just whatever interests you.

I hope you enjoy it! Visit her blog by clicking HERE!
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