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Interview with Natasha Ndlovu (SnowBlackBlog)


As I've said earlier nowadays there are really a lot of girls which have fashion blogs. I like a lot of them but there are only a few of them that I find really gorgeous and think that these girls can be guids in fashion blogging. The girl's blog I want to talk about I saw accidently but since the 1st minute and till nowadays I am a huge fan of it. On her Facebook page is said that she is not only a blogger but also a model and photographer. Speaking about me I think that it' s not actually matter what she does in this life. She is a girl who has amazing style and always will. So meet Natasha Ndlovu!

1.How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging since 2009 when I moved to London. 

2.What was the reason why you decide to have your blog?
I discovered blogging was something a lot of people in fashion where doing and thought it would be cool to have some sort of online diary.

3.When did you notice that your blog become more and more popular with lots of visitors and there became more comments, followers etc?
I think it was last year, when I started blogging in Russian as well, I started to get a lot of visitors to my blog. Facebook has been helpful as well ! 

4.One of the most important question for bloggers is a popularity of a blog. How did you achieve it and what can advice for others?
I think that if you do something different from other bloggers, then you will attract loyal readers. Your content has to be interesting, and you also have to interact with your readers. When they feel they can be a part of your blog in some way and get advice, not just looking at pretty pictures, then your blog will become popular.


5.What celebrities' style do yo like most of all? And who is in your opinion totally tasteless?
I love the Olsen twins because they experiment a lot with fashion. I have recently become obsessed with Elena Perminova, Miroslava Duma and Ulyana Sergeenko's style. They are very bold and experiment with many things. In terms of tasteless style, there is not a specific celebrity but I think someone like Britney Spears could use a huge makeover. 

6.What are your beauty and fashion tips?
I think with beauty, during the day, you should keep your makeup minimal. A nice lip color like red or a pink is nice for the summer. Play around with your hair and focus on the clothes instead of putting on too much makeup. In terms of clothes, just experiment. I am still trying to wear different styles which sometimes I am afraid to buy, but at the end of the day you have to just dive in there and see what suits you and what doesn't. 


7.With what fashion trend are you obsessed?
I love the prints and the baroque motifs that brands like Givenchy are doing on their t-shirts. I need more of those in my wardrobe. 

8.How do you think are there some fashion trends that are over valued and don't cost so much attention?

I don't think that there are trends that are over valued. It's a matter of maybe people wearing too much of it all the time and then people get tired of it. I wish though, that they would focus more on 70s feminine styles. I love the masculine look in the winter, but I wish we could focus more on feminine fall looks. 


9.What are the most serious and awful fashion mistakes of modern girls?
I do not like wearing Uggs and stockings together. Stockings are not pants, but girls like to wear them as if they were pants and sometimes you can see their underwear underneath. Also, I think Ugss are for places where there is snow, like when you go skiing, not in the middle of town.

10. What is your TOP-5 list of favourite fashion items?
Leather jacket
Michael Kors watch
Skinny jeans
Chanel bag


11.What is your the most favorithe and the least favorite fashion and cosmetics brand?
I love Bobbi Brown the most. I don't have a least favourite brand but I don't like cheap quality cosmetics because they are not good for your skin

12.Have you ever noticed that there are people who try to copy your style and how do you feel about it?
I have had an experience with someone I used to know and it was wierd because soon after I bought something, they would have it too and pretend they did not know I had it. I don't really hang out with that person anymore. It's just too strange for me.


13.Does your blog helps you in every day life and career?
It has helped me get noticed at fashion events. Right now in South Africa, I shot for Grazia magazine and one of the fashion editors reads my blog on a regular basis which is awesome! 

14.You translate your posts into Russian and in some pictures we can see Russian classic literature. Actually you have a very popular in Russia name. Are you fond of Russian culture and did you read those books?))))
Yes I love Russian culture. My ex-boyfriend was from Vladivostock and we studied together in Canada. So after moving to London, I decided to learn Russian because there are a lot of Russian speakers in fashion and art and I thought it would be helpful to learn the language.

15.In your opinion style is something people born with or a quality that can be developed and taught?
You cannot teach style but it is something that people can develop over time through trial and error. I am learning daily from other people as well, taking advice but also remembering what I really like and not what someone is telling me to like. 

16.How do you "open" your love to fashion? With what did it begin?
Modeling and of course blogging. I started travelling around Europe and seeing how people dress, all the PR girls, the designers and other models. 

17.Who is your star in a fashion world?
I like many people in the fashion world, I cannot choose one


18.Do you feel yourself popular? How often people in the streets come to you asking to take pictures, your signature or just saying nice words about your blog?
I feel like I am getting popular but not like a celebrity :) Hahaha! Maybe soon, who knows. I have been stopped by people in the past and one girl said she saw me jogging in the park, which was so funny because I am not fashionable when I go running. LOL 

19. Can you give an advice to people who want but afraid start their blog or already have the one but there are not so many followers?
You should first think of what it is you want to blog about because a lot of people are blooging abour fashion, but if you want to stand out, you must have something unique to share. Don't be afraid. It's better than regretting not starting a blog. If you want more followers, start a Facebook page and join social networking sites like Twiiter, Pinterest, etc. Also if you collaborate and have a competition, it can get you more followers.










It was such a nice conversation with Natasha. I'm wising her the best. Check out her blog and follow her!
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