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Jessica Durrant is a stylish illustrator

I have always had problems with painting. So of course there have never been any conversation about my future as an illustrator. As a result I have always been obsessed with talented illustrators. I think that people who see something beautifull in their heads and can share with others their ideas and visions with the help of canvas and paints are genius! All in all nowadays there are a lot of gifted people but we always try to find someone whose technique and way of drawing, style and vision reflect your own inner world. That's exactly the way how we can find our favourite painter or illustrator. Speaking about me my favourite illustrator since now is Jessica Durrant. Her works I can describe with one word - "stylish"!!! I had an amazing opportunity to chat with her.

1.Tell me please about yourself.
I'm an illustrator who specializes in fashion & lifestyle artworks. I live in Atlanta, GA and grew up moving all around the United States. I call Las Vegas home. I love to travel, laugh and not take life too seriously.

2.Have you always been into art?
Yes, been drawing since I was 3.

3.Have your family always support you?
My family has always encouraged my talent. They enrolled me in community arts classes when I was a teenager, and helped support me through college while I studied illustration.

4.Imagine that you wouldn't connect your life with illustrations. What would you do and where you would work?
I always wished I could play an instrument or sing. I think I would somehow work in a creative industry.

5.Who inspires you? Whose works make you work more and find interesting ideas?
I am constantly inspired by so many people. It could be any number of visual artists, musicians, or people on the street. When you create for a living you have to almost absorb the world around you like a sponge. You never know who or what will inspire you next. I love many artists such as David Downton, Stina Persson, Cate Parr, and many more.

6.Where people can find your works?
I sell through my Etsy shop, www.jessicaillustration.etsy.com and locally in Atlanta.

7.How can you describe your work? Is it only talent, natural abilities and your vision or it's a hardworking job with a numerous levels of teaching?
I love what I do. But art is work. I am constantly trying to push myself and become a better artist. I'm so inspired by what other people have done and still do with their art. It always makes me want to be the best I can be. If you're willing to work at it, you can surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

8.Do you make some kind of master classes or lessons?
I have done an e-course before, and will have to revisit that idea since I get a lot of requests. I teach locally in Kennesaw at The Art Station. I love being in a classroom environment. I learn so much from teaching, and love to be with my students. I want people to leave my class knowing that they can create something they feel proud of.
9.How can you describe your style? 
Most of my fashion work is very feminine, a bit edgy, and driven by distinct color and line work. All of my work is about vibrancy, saturated colors and the pure spontaneity of creation.

10.How do you think what's unusual in your works and why they're special?
That's a hard question. I can be my toughest critic sometimes. I think I try to create things that mean a lot to me, and I've been fortunate that people connect with the work I'm creating. It's about passion, and I think people can see that I am passionate about everything I create.

11.In what projects would like to try yourself?
I'm working on a lot of fun projects right now, which I will update more on my blog in the future. I would love to paint a large mural piece in a huge space one day. That would be rad.

12.What can you tell for those who want to start illustration and to find themselves there? 
Do research about where you want to go. The possibilities are amazing if you stop and think about it, and realize that there are so many ways to pursue your art career. Don't limit yourself. I read this quote recently-Dreams don't work unless you do. So be ready to work, and push yourself as hard as you can. You have to love what you do, and will succeed if you put 100% into your dreams.

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