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Interview with Francesca (FRANK VINYL blog)

Finally there is a new interview with an interesting girl whose outfits are always interesting to watch. Her style differs from the way most of the girls prefer to dress up. All in all it doesn't make her less interesting! I can say that her her difference make people to look at her. So I was lucky to talk with her about her hair, style and fashion favourites.

1. Tell me please a little about yourself.
My name is Francesca, but my friends refer to me as Franchie or French. I grew up in California with Mexican and am of Mexican German decent. I love Fashion, Photography, art, music and above all traveling.

2. How did you start blogging?
I started blogging as a hobby. I would read a lot of blogs religiously and then realized I should make my own. 

3. You have vey interesting personal style and how you can describe it?

It’s a bit of a mix I think. My friends say I’m eclectic and bohemian. I would say it’s a mix of Boho chic, Parisian and casual california style.


4. Did you come by yourself to such style or you were inspired by someone and if "yes", who it was?
I lived in Paris for a while and picked up a lot of how they dress there. I just love how they put things together. It all looks so natural. Their style is contagious! I’ve lost a bit of that influence but I like to think there’s still flashes of that past life in my style. I’ve lived in many other places since then and I’ve picked up bits here and there. I get inspired by everyone I see every day and all the places I have been to. Every country and city has its own take on fashion. Yet, I think my biggest inspiration is my mother (even though her style is completely different from mine). She is more elegant and timeless. I think she is the reason I fell in love with fashion.

5. Where do you prefer to buy your clothes?
I mostly do a lot of online shopping because I hate trying things on and vintage store because I feel you can find more unique pieces this way... pieces not everyone will have. Top shop is one of my favorite places to shop because people in California don’t have it and they always have character. As far as local stores, I love American Apparel for their basics, Freepeople for bohemian pieces you can layer and LF always has the best shoes.


6. What celebrity is the most stylish in your opinion?
Kate Moss. I love her because she just throws different things together and it all works out perfectly. Kelley Ash is also one of my favorites! Her hair makes everything look edgy.

7. Can you tell TOP-5 fashion items from your wardrobe you can't live without?
1. black quilted Chanel, 
2. Rumi Jeffrey Campbell boots, 
3 American Apparel high waisted black leggings 
4. Lancome hypnotize mascara 
5. A big floppy hat 
...and there is a №6. Morroccan oil!!

8. What are your fashion and beauty must-haves for this fall?
A good oversized coat, thick frames oversized glasses, textured and layered hair (think freja in zara add), a good pair of black boots like those beautiful studded Chloe ones. 

9. You have very beautiful hair! What is your hair routine? How to get so gorgeous hair look as yours?
Thank you! A friend of mine once shared with me an amazing secret. Coconut oil. I buy virgin coconut oil at the grocery store and leave it in my hair over night then rinse it out in the morning. At least once or twice a week. It leaves your hair super shiny and moisturized. Daily, I normally just style it with a bit of Moroccan oil to tame the dry ends and sometimes spray on bumble and bumble surf spray for texture. I rarely straighten or blow-dry it because my hair it’s the worst you can do to your hair. 

10. What is the main message of your blog for others?
I think it’s important to be yourself. Not wear stuff only because its what everyone is wearing but wear it because you love it. If you try and copy other people most of the time you wont succeed. It just won’t look organic. I like to think that I help my readers see that is ok to be yourself. Sometimes my outfits work, sometimes they don’t. It’s all about finding yourself and what works for you. 

11. What is blogging for you? What do you get with it?
It’s my outlet for self expression. I love fashion and I love photography so I find it a great way to combine my two loves and express myself. Meeting other bloggers and readers that have the same interest and passion as me is one of the best things about blogging and I love sharing my finds and ideas with them.

12. Is there any motto, quote or some wisdom that helps uou yo live?
I know this is super cheesy and possibly makes me sound like I don’t have a quote, but keep in mind that I am a huge Beatles fan. I live by “Let it be”. It works in so many ways. Life, Love, and Fashion. In fashion, if you just let yourself gravitate and wear what you love, most likely that will be the best look on you. Never force it. A bit of good taste helps of course but you get my point. This translates in everything else. Whenever I feel unhappy about something I realize that if I just let it be…everything is so much easier and clearer. 

13. Is there any advice that you can give for those who just want to start blogging?
I guess, content and photos are very important. Make sure your photos are good quality and that content is something people will want to read. It’s important to not take yourself to seriously. Fashion should be fun, and if you have fun, people will find you more relatable. 

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