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Interview with Maxime Luère an author of famous video "A LIFE ON FACEBOOK"

When I saw the video "A Life On Facebook" at first time I was so impressed. I liked it a lot. It seems that there were nothing new - just showing the life of the most modern people. We pay too much attention to Internet and social networks and show to the world our private life. Finally I take an interview with a guy who create the video which blow the world! If you haven't seen the video - here it is. It will be just easier to read and inderstand the interview if you exactly will know what is the video about.

And here is the creator!

1. Tell me please about yourself.
I'm Maxime Luère and I live in Paris. I'm 31 years old. I'm a director but I'm also a computer graphic artist.

2. How did you get an idea of creation the video about a person's life in facebook?
Well, just after break up with a girl, I visualised what could be my my life on Facebook. I saw a vision of the Facebook interface with relationship status going to "in relationship " to " single " quite often. I thought this idea was great. Each time I had a sad moment in my life I try to turn it in a positive thing. So I decided to make this short movie.
Without this breakup, I wouldn't made this video that brought me lot of things in my life. I succeed to get my positive things.

3. Don't you think that your video is almost about every modern person? Because we live in a digital and Internet time and spend there so many our free time.
Of course even if it's not an autobiographic movie I took my inspiration from my life. You're right, I think this movie had a huge success because everyone can recognise himself in it. Modern people are connected permanently now. With phone and computer. I feel naked when my iPhone run out of battery!

4. What was the main idea and message of this work that you've made?

I didn't have any message. I just knew for sure that people would feel a lot of emotion seeing a life that looks like their life in fast forward. Just wanted to keep positive in that movie and even if it's hard, if you loose your love, you will always find the right one at the end.

5. How did this video change your life? Maybe there are some fans appeared or some business inquires etc?
I was stunt when I saw a fan groups on Facebook with 23 000 people. I had lot of business inquires but I didn't want to make a movie like "a life on Facebook" for a trademark or a company. I received lot of mails from important people all around the world and I personally received 11 000 messages on my Facebook inbox!

6. Is there a chance that we will see soon something as amazing as this video?

I had a lot of ideas for personal movie. I would like to do them but I already work a lot so I can't spend my free time working.

7. The character in your video is getting married with a girl who he saw in a facebook. It's rather a big problem of a modern life because most of the girls and boys don't want to get to know each other in a real life. People become lazier, they don't want to impress others and there are no any romantic feelings about the 1st meeting.
What do you think about this tendency?

If it was 1000 years ago, you would think it's romantic to send hundred of mails before the first meeting don't you think? I can understand why people like meet people on Internet. It's hard to talk to a girl you don't know in real life. On Internet you can just find the right words and there could be feelings for what you really are.

8. Were there some copies of your video? I meen did you notice that some people try to copy your video using your idea?
Yes, I saw a lot of advertisings using the same concept. I think even Facebook was inspired from my movie to make their timeline video :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzPEPfJHfKU

9. What are the nicest and the rudest comments that you receive about your work?

I really received lot of messages of congratulation from all around the world but I received this one that touched me a lot. But of course I don't think it's true: " I suppose this is what we could call MODERN ART ANNO 2010, and for once its not 4 red lines on a big yellow canvas making you wonder whether the artist was mad or drunk, no, this is the real deal, truly a work of excellence, and totally in tune with the times! Bravo!"
And that sounds crazy but I didn't receive any rude message.

10. Is the main character of your video a real person (maybe your relative or friend) or it's just a fictioned man created specially for your project?
Alex Droner is totally a fake person. That was crazy because I checked on Facebook before created my movie and there were no Alex Droner. Now, there is hundred of Alex Droner and he have his own fan page.

11. How long did it take you to make this video?

I took notes on a little paper each time I had an idea about this movie. On month later I had a lot of ideas and I started doing it. So it took 3 intensive days to create the video.

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  1. gran post! me ha encantado la entrevista

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  2. I must admit, I had not seen the video before. It's our normal life, it's shocking, it's crazy, it's fascinating! Thanks for the interesting interview!


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