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Interview With a Fashion Illustrator Ariane Moraes

I adore to watch fashion illustrations. You know it is something I really like but can't do the same at al!! I'm soooo not good at this that the only thing I have is to watch...or to make interviews with those who can! Remember the interview with Jessica Durrant? If you didn't read it go thhrought he link and do it! So it's time to know better another beautiful lady who can tell so many things with the help of pencils! Say "Hi!" to Ariane Moraes!
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1. How did you start with a fashion illustrations?
I started with the illustrations of fashion since the age of five.

2. Why did you choose these sphere of art (fashion illustrations)?
I'm not sure exactly say, for drawing since childhood. The world of fashion has always involved me, always liked to draw clothes for barbies and among other things.


3. How long have you been doing it?
Since the age of five.

4. Who inspired you for this?
Models, runway.

5. Where do you get the inspiration? What celebrities, music, movies and magazines inspire you?
Models of faces, landscapes, embroidery, prints photographs, and other.


6. I it a hobby for you or a work?
Yes, this is my life, there is nothing better for me to draw.

7. If it's a work for you now what the results you already have which make you proud of yourself?
In fact, I do not care much about this issue, I love my art I do for pleasure, it is difficult to assess.


8. I am really interested in fashion, style etc. And I noticed that people who can draw (even just a little bit) often call theirselves fashion illustrators. In my mind to be a such type of illustrator is a really hard work. Maybe you don't have draw that much perfect like in other genres you should. BUT you should be into fashion, into style of different people and to notice every single fashion piece and detail. What do you think about it? Don't you think that there are too much fashion illustrators but most of them just can't be clled in those way?
Briefly, I would say a good fashion illustrator he has to actually pass the image of creation, the dash has to be refined to always give a great result. undoubtedly it has to be connected in style.

9. Is there some person who you would like to draw and haven't done it yet?


10. Where did you study with this art?
Never did.

11. How do you see yourself in 5, 10 and 15 years? (speaking about your art)
More mature because I always try to improve every day my art.

12. In your opinion who among the celebrities is a style (fashion) icon of all the times and of nowadays?
is a very personal matter, but in my view but is Elie Saab is a big haute master couture fashion.


13. Describe me please just an every ordinary day of Ariane Moraes, a girl who make fashion illustrations. 
I am studing in a University in Brazil where I live, in part amnhã after studies reflect on my day pictures and everything that inspires me and always separate them one hour in the day for my drawings.

14. Do you have some advice or recomendations for those who would like to be a fashion illustrator?
Regardless of profession. Like everything in life, Do well done with the love, fashion illustrations requires focus, perception. Go ahead! Devote yourself!


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